Amethyst Quantum Pad - King Size

Amethyst Quantum Pad - King Size
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The Richway King Amethyst Quantum Pad is the perfect accessory for your King Biomat. The King Quantum Pad is meant to be placed on the Biomat to add healing power and is made of six layers and has 18 substances that promote better health. These 18 special substances take on strong negative electricity, so they play a role in returning the voltage in the body's cell membrane to normalcy. Richway developed the King Quantum Energy Pad made of environmentally friendly raw materials including an organic compound energy extracted from peach and grape seeds, which is beneficial to our body's biological vibration. Both the quantum energy layer and tourmaline layer in the quantum pad maintain your health by increasing blood circulation through the use of infrared rays which boosts the immune system. It creates anions (1,654 pcc), also known as negative ions or “vitamins of the air”. The quantum energy layer in the King Quantum pad reduces formaldehyde and ammonia in the body, which are harmful gases. The Quantum Pad’s strong antibiotic function reduces these gases by 99.9%. Our hypoallergenic microfiber material helps in stopping heat loss, keeping you healthy and free from allergic dyes used in most synthetic fabrics. Its high density, durable 3D mesh material allows excellent air flow. It also aids in the passage of far infrared rays when used with your Biomat. The microfiber cover is light and machine washable. Richway’s Quantum Energy Pad reduces Beta waves, created in stressful situations, while increasing Alpha waves, which help with sound sleep, focus and relaxation . 6 Layer Structure of Quantum Pads Microfiber Fabric Cover Microfiber Layer Quantum Energy Layer Tourmaline Layer 3D Mesh Layer (20mm) 3D Mesh Cover (3mm) Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi, who won the Nobel Prize for isolating and extracting vitamin C in 1937, identified that a living cell accumulated an electric field and that quantum energy influenced on it. A healthy cell builds negative electricity so it can get rid of the pain signals from nerve cells. Dr. Szent-Györgyi discovered that when the negative electric field of quantum energy returns the voltage in the cell to stabilization, the body’s immune system increases, pain diminishes, and the mind becomes calm and focused. It’s possible to create quantum energy from a special substance found in plant seeds. Peach pits and grape seeds include more than 18 types of substances as follows... Phosphoserine (cas 407-41-0) Phosphorylethanolamine (cas 1071-23-4) Aspartic Acid (cas 56-84-8) Theanine (cas 3081-61-6) Serine (cas 56-45-1) Glutamic Acid (cas 56-86-0) A-aminoadipic Acid (cas 542-32-5) Glycine (cas 56-40-6) Alanine (cas 56-41-7) Citrulline (372-75-8) A-amino-n-butyric Acid (80-60-4) Valine (cas 72-18-4) Methionine (cas 63-68-3) Leucine (cas 61-90-5) Ethanolamine (cas 141-43-5) Ammonia (cas 7664-41-7) Lysine (cas 70-54-2) Histidine (cas 71-00-1) These substances generate negative electricity and can help your body’s cells return to normalcy and function and optimum levels. Once the voltage in a cell becomes normalized, the cell induces detoxification while nerve cells cease the delivery of pain signals, relieving pain. These substances also emit strong far infrared light. Weight and Dimensions (actual): King: 21.20 lbs / 78.74" x 70.86" x 1.57" Weight and Dimensions (shipping): King: 31 lbs / 73” x 27” x 11”